Conscious Kyngdoms: Maps for Awakening Archives

Conscious Kyngdoms: Journey to My First Awakening

Cristine tells her story of finding her Kyngdom One for the first time. She shares principles from The Four Doors, a book by Richard Paul Evans, as a reminder to live from a "love-centered map." In this podcast she addresses the following questions:

  • When kids give up is it because they aren't motivated? Or because they don't feel the love to continue?
  • Is a spiritual awakening enough to take us forward? Or is there more to it?
  • When others don't feel enough love from us - is it them? Or are we "doing" something wrong?
  • Is it really okay to take negative emotions to God?

The Four Tendencies and the Five Kyngdoms

In this episode of Conscious Kyngdoms, Cristine interviews Michael Sheen, Executive of the Tribe of Kyngs, about how the Four Tendencies have influenced his Five Kyngdoms. Learn more about the Four Tendencies at  - In this podcast, Cristine addresses the following questions:

  • Are you an Unholder, Obliger, Questioner or a Rebel?
  • How do the Four Tendencies impact your relationships and parenting?
  • What's the difference between a boundary and a barrier in your Kyngdoms?
  • What does a First Kyngdom committee meeting look like?

Kyngdom One Connection in Two Lessons

Cristine Interviews Emily Bernath, the author of Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies. Emily and Cristine discuss two lessons from Chapter Three entitled "I am Not Alone". They address issues of isolation and separation as they reveal personal experiences of connecting to God.

The interview will address the following questions:

  • Do "rebels" ever return to God?
  • What role does community play in supporting our Kyngdom One connection?
  • Does being sinful have to be shameful?
  • Have you considered letting God write your story?

Cristine Ray, M.S.
Author, Researcher and Quantum Practitioner